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These terms and conditions are applicable to the website This website has been created by Zoover International BV - Kwekerijweg 2c, 3709 JA Zeist, The Netherlands, and is also maintained by the above mentioned company. Using this website binds you to the terms and conditions applicable to this website.

Zoover has taken the utmost care in putting this website together. Mistakes may be found. Zoover is in no way responsible and cannot be held accountable for any damages occurring through information found on in the reviews, the questions, answers and other texts that can be found on the site.

Using is at the visitor’s own risk. Every decision made regarding the booking of accommodation/holiday/trip, the purchase of a product/service, taking out an insurance policy or any other product or service resulting from information provided on is at the visitor to this site’s own risk.

Intellectual property

The texts, photos, images, databases, trade and domain names, brands and logos on the site are protected by intellectual property laws and belong to Zoover. It is prohibited to save information from this site (barring the information necessary to view the site) without prior written permission from Zoover. Reproducing, changing, making public, distributing or sending, selling, bestowing rights or providing information to a third party in any way is also prohibited.

By posting content on the site the visitor gives Zoover the non-exclusive, perpetual, transferable, irrevocable and sub-license right, without imposing any royalty or other remuneration for the use, reproduction, adaptation, translation, distribution, publishing and creation of derivative works of the content and to reproduce and publish the content in all currently known and future media.

The visitor gives Zoover the right, as a licensee of his or her content, to take legal action in its own right against third parties who infringe the content rights and against third parties who unlawfully act with regard to the visitor submitted content and, in such legal proceedings, in its own right and in its own name to claim prohibition, compensation and / or recover profits.

The visitor hereby gives Zoover a mandate, if and insofar Zoover cannot act independently against the infringements / illegal acts mentioned in the previous sentence, to act on behalf of the visitor by taking legal action against third parties who infringe the rights of the visitor regarding the content and against third parties who act unlawfully against the visitor in respect of the content.

Visitor’s responsibilities

The visitor guarantees that the content posted on the website is correct, accurate and in no way misleading.

The visitor guarantees that, by placing the content on the website, there is no infringement of the rights of others and that he / she is not acting unlawfully.

Cookies uses cookies. By using cookies we are able to recognize your computer when you revisit our website. A cookie is a small text file that our website places on your computer’s hard drive. cannot identify people using cookies, only computers. If you do not wish to receive cookies you can adjust your internet browser so it does not permit them.

Cookies are used for example, to record your set preferences for a particular service or web page. Cookies are also used to help align advertisements on various websites so they match your needs and interests better. In this way takes the opportunity to show you the most relevant advertising for you on websites other than If you would like to know more about the use of cookies by please read our Cookie Policy.

It is possible to adjust your internet browser so that it does not store cookies.

Since each browser is different, please refer to the help menu on your browser.

In the event that an advertiser adds a cookie, pixel or any other technology to material on a website published by Zoover, the advertiser must comply with the relevant applicable laws, codes and other forms of self-regulation as well as any other rules laid down by Zoover.

Disclosure to third parties

Zoover does not sell, trade or rent out personal data to third parties unless we have specifically asked you for written consent. The details we collect are solely used to chart the surfing habits of visitors to our site. Zoover uses these details only to help further improve our website.

Zoover maintains the right to place your review on other websites maintained by Zoover and its partners. Zoover also maintains the right to place your review on a website which has input from Zoover. In this event only the text of your review will be placed and not the cookie information. Zoover is also authorized to use the name posted by the visitor on the website in relation to the content submitted by that visitor. Zoover is entitled to translate visitors’ reviews into different languages.

Zoover collaborates with partners in the travel industry. These partners send an email to their customers along with the request to leave a review. This review is shown on as well as on the partner’s website.

Links to other websites contains links to other websites maintained and owned by a third party. Zoover is in no way responsible for the content of the sites we link to. By placing a link Zoover in no way gives implicit approval of the content of the websites or web pages.


‘Content’: refers to all messages, data, information, text, music, sound, photographs, video, design or other material (whether or not copyrighted);

‘Website’: this website, accessible via;

‘’: website operated by Zoover under licence of Webassets B.V., Zeist, registered with the Chamber of Commerce for Central Gelderland under number 09146883.

MyZoover conditions

  1. In these terms of use / disclaimer the following definitions shall apply:

    1. Zoover: the private company with limited liability Zoover B.V., also trading under the name Zoover, registered business in Enschede, with offices at: Kwekerijweg nr. 2c Zeist (3709 JA), registered in the Chamber of Commerce for Central Gelderland under number 8091035;
    2. The website: the Zoover websites in which these terms of use / disclaimer are included, with the intention that these terms of use / disclaimer be applied, including but not limited to the websites linked to the domain name and all other domain names held by Zoover;
    3. Zoover: the authorised publisher of (contents of) the domain name and all other domain names held by Zoover and the aforementioned domain names linked to websites;
    4. Use(s): including but not limited to, loading (uploading), downloading, logging in, retrieval, consulting, reading, watching, listening, processing, completing (forms), sending, (temporary) copying, storing, transmitting, distributing, making use of services, legal transactions (such as buying or renting);
    5. You: (whether or not the principal or representative) natural or legal person using the website;
    6. The contents: including but not limited to text, images, hyperlinks, audio and / or video fragments and / or other objects;
    7. Damage: direct or indirect damages of any kind, including lost data, business, income, profit or other economic loss.
    8. These conditions may not be waived;
    9. Zoover may, at its own discretion and at any time alter, (or have altered) or terminate the website, with or without prior notice. Zoover is not liable for the consequences of any alterations or termination.
  2. These terms of use / disclaimer and all the above provisions are applicable to you and your visit and / or use of the website, as well as all information, recommendations and / or service / assistance / help or otherwise to you by or through the website.

    1. By using the option of logging in with Facebook you provide access to the following information as entered on your Facebook profile:

      1. Basic information
      2. E-mail address
      3. Profile information

      This information will be used to create a MyZoover profile.

    2. You give Zoover permission to use all information (whether or not personal), including but not limited to your name, address and date of birth and preferences, provided by you to Zoover, in the business conducted by Zoover and to provide these data in anonymous form to third parties that have made or will make agreements with Zoover regarding the use of this data, whether or not for any consideration, or if any data by Zoover takes place in breach of statutory duty or if any provision of data necessary for the protection of the legitimate interest of Zoover or the third party to whom the data are disclosed.
    3. Zoover and you establish in their mutual relationship that Zoover possesses all rights (including copyright) for the information on the website. Your access to the website does not entitle you to reproduce (parts of) this information and / or distribute it without prior written permission from Zoover. Unauthorized or improper use of the website or its content may breach intellectual property rights and regulations concerning privacy, publication and / or communications in the broadest sense of the word. You are held responsible and accountable for everything you send from the website.
    4. By enrolling in MyZoover you agree to receive update messages from MyZoover.
    1. Although great care has been taken with the website content, Zoover accepts no liability for the consequences of incompleteness or inaccuracy thereof. Zoover endeavors to ensure that the content of the website is regularly updated and / or supplemented. Any decision(s) taken by you on the basis of the information displayed on the website, is (are) entirely at your own risk and expense.
    2. Zoover is not liable for damages which are, or may be caused by, arising from or in any way related to the use of the website (so associated with, but not limited to damages caused by computer virus(es) or with being unable to consult the website).
    3. Zoover provides the content of the website in the same state as it is given, without warranty or guarantee as to the reliability and suitability for a particular purpose or otherwise. The information on this website is of a general informative nature and in no way comprises advice or opinion.
    4. Zoover is not responsible for (the content of) files linked to the website by third parties.
    1. Zoover reserves the right to deny you permission to use the website and / or certain services available on the website that are offered for use. To this end Zoover can monitor access to the website.
    2. You will protect and indemnify Zoover, its employees, representatives, licensees and business partners against any judicial and extrajudicial measures, condemnations etc., including any possible costs, legal, accounting and suchlike.
    3. Even if one (or more) provision(s) of this disclaimer be rendered ineffective or need adjustment under applicable laws and regulations, shall this disclaimer between you and Zoover moreover remain in force and bind you and Zoover to such change or modification of the relevant provision (s), so that its maximum effect is maintained.
    4. This disclaimer and all provisions herein are governed exclusively by Dutch law. All disputes, controversies or differences of opinion between you and Zoover (including the applicability and / or validity of these provisions) will (initially) be settled by the, following normal competency rules, qualified court.

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