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20 December 2014

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reviews Isla Taboga

Would you like to know what other people thought of their holiday in Isla Taboga? Then take look on this page at the reviews written by other travelers. Did you spend your holiday in Isla Taboga? Then you can add your review here.
Are you curious about what other people thought of their holiday in Isla Taboga? Have a look at the reviews of other travellers about Isla Taboga on this page. Were you on a holiday in Isla Taboga yourself? Make sure to add you review here. - - -
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Friends, November 2011
"Un paseo corto"translate
Juan Courville P.

11/07/2011 Taboga puede ser la perla del pacifico, cuidenla. Impresiona al nacional y al turista.
Visitamos a la hora del almuerzo el Hotel Vereda Tropical, muy lindo y acogedor, buena comida, buena atencion, algo lenta pero aceptable. La comida es muy fresca, acabada de hacer.
No visitamos el resto de la isla, tres horas despues volvimos a la ciudad de Panama.

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